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Meet the feds who track changes in the nation’s wetlands

Ariel Wittenberg – E&E News – November 7, 2019
When Megan Lang flies on airplanes with her children, she says she has to “fight them” for the window seat. Chief scientist at the Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Wetlands Inventory, Lang leads a team working to track wetlands changes across the country. With a report due to Congress in 2022, she spends most of her days staring at satellite and other images finding and documenting wetlands. Her interest in what they look like from the air doesn’t dissipate when she’s off the clock. “When you fly to Florida, they usually fly along the coast, and I love seeing the Delmarva bays; I want to see them!” she said of elliptical-shaped depressions common in coastal Delaware and Maryland. “They are so beautiful. I just find the shapes so amazing, and to see them interspersed with the geometric features and man-made landscape, I just love that.” With a Status and Trends report due in three years, Lang’s team has been working since 2018 to review 5,048 control plots, each 4 square miles, randomly scattered across the country. NWI has been watching many of the plots — some containing wetlands, some not — since the program’s inception, coming back to them roughly once a decade to see if there are any changes to aquatic resources. Read full story here.

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