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Wetlander’s Pick of the Posts

Wetlander's Pick of the PostsCelebrate American Wetlands Month and Wade into USGS Wetlands Research

By Rebecca Bruno – USGS Blog – March 28, 2012
Bogs, marshes, estuaries, coral reefs, lagoons, swamps, prairie potholes, lakes, pocosins, vernal pools, mudflats, fens, ponds, mires, deltas, billabongs, lagoons, floodplains:  wetlands are the unsung heroes of the world’s ecosystems. They are critical to the world’s environmental, ecological, and socioeconomic health. May is the 21st annual American Wetlands Month, a time to celebrate the essential role wetlands play in giving us food; sheltering us from storms, floods, and coastal erosion; providing habitat for birds, fish, and other wildlife; and cleaning and storing water before returning it to us again.

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